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Budgeting for Students

It is well-known that money and budgeting is the third biggest issue for you students; it comes after having fun and actually getting to lectures to pass your course. Banks, student loans and credit card companies can make it easy for you to get hold of disposable cash throughout your studies, making sure you can always chill out. However, many students never really think about the debt they are getting into and what impact it will have on your future lifestyle. It is just thought of as a massive number which you “will worry about after Uni”. However, those 3 or 4 years soon fly by and before you know it you are trying to get a job, and these companies will ask for the money to be repaid.

Budgeting while you are a student doesn’t have to be a bore and it doesn’t have to take up lots of time, so why not try our simple student budgeting tool, the Student Beer Money Calculator. Learn a little about your monthly budget, find out how much beer money you actually have this month and you may even start reducing your debt after University today.

How many beers can you afford this month?

Find out in 2 minutes by downloading our Student Beer Money Calculator

Students Beer Calculator

Student Money Saving Tips
Without putting a downer on you living it up here are just a few tips which could save you some cash:

  • Say no to takeaways - Buy food at the supermarket, it’s much cheaper in the long run! Sign up for a loyalty card to get discounts, cook in bulk, get your house mates to make a meal every night and then you only have to cook once or twice a week.
  • Take advantage of being a student with the discounts – Use your NUS card, get your National Rail Young Person’s Rail Card and get a 3rd off your train travel, if you are travelling long distance home buy your ticket online and in advance to get the cheapest possible ticket. And off course find the best bars and pubs which give the best student prices for those messy nights out.
  • Keep yourself busy on your downtime to reduce spending – Get involved in free local events, start local events, get a part time job, join a club, help in the local community or kick start your career by getting some part-time unpaid work for a company in the industry you plan to work in after your degree.

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