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Credit Card Debt Help & Advice

Credit card debt is one of the main causes of debt problems in the UK. It is caused by the over dependency on credit cards to make purchases and can lead to tremendously large debts due to the high interest rates which the debtor usually is unable to afford to pay.

If the consumer does not pay the money, he or she has spent, over time the debt keeps increasing as the moneylender will charge a late payment penalty and will finally report the debt to a credit rating agency.

If you are struggling with large credit card bills which you are ignoring and your debt is mounting up we are here to help. Debt Mentor can provide you with free credit debt help and debt management advice. In fact, we can help with credit debt by offering you one of our debt management solutions such as an IVA, Trust Deed or bankruptcy advice.

If you need help and want more information about our services please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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