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Hi everybody,

Just like to say … a few years ago i was up to my ears in debt, I had no where to turn to so I surfed the net and came across Rosemount Financial Enterprises; I thought to my self … go on … give it a try so i did. A kind voice at the other end understood my problem. I felt embarrassed to talk about my debts but it was worth it because they took all the worries away from me and dealt directly with the people I owed money to.

It was a great weight of my shoulders. Now I’m debt free … thanks to Rosemount Financial Enterprises … so I wish to thank everyone there for their kind understanding and their help.
Now I can get on with my life.

Once again I would recommend Rosemount Financial Enterprises to everyone and anyone.
So if your in debt to your eyeballs please phone them … they will bend over backwards to help you.



Hi Joanne,

Thanks for that!

Below please find the testimonial you asked for.

Whenever I phoned Rosemount the staff were friendly and reassuring! When it came to dealing with my creditors they took all the hassle away and I felt able to answer the phone again as I was not worried about it being one of my creditors!

When it came to full and final settlements they got me a great deal with all my creditors despite some of them being difficult! Overall a great service and one I would recommend to anyone who feels things finacially are getting out of hand.

Kind regards,


P.S. I hope this helps you! Strange as it sounds I miss our little chats, but not my debts! lol


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